Patella Knee Strap

Over 20% of adults over 45 deal with knee problems on a regular basis. And that number is only growing. In fact, knee arthritis in Americans has doubled since 1940. If you are a knee pain sufferer, this probably doesn’t surprise you.

Knee problems can stem from an old injury or simply get worse and worse as you get older. But one thing’s for sure: dealing with knee pain puts a huge strain on your daily life. It’s uncomfortable and it makes you feel like you can’t really be you. You can’t do all the things you want to do because you live in fear of a painful flare up, your knee popping out of place, or ending up tossing and turning later that night as the pain of the day sets in.

Perhaps you had a costly MRI that revealed no visible problem, even though the pain you’re feeling says otherwise. The doctor probably sent you on your way and told you your knee would feel better with time.

But it hasn’t.

Maybe you suffered a major knee injury and had surgery to fix it, but you’ve just never felt the same since. You treated the problem the “right way”, but the pain never went away.

Maybe you end up taking lots of pain medications over the course of a long day even though know it’s not a sustainable solution.

Or you simply stop doing the active things you used to love to do, just to avoid the knee pain you know it coming. This causes you to miss out on family time, vacations and so much more. That’s no good.

And then there are all the knee braces.

You feel like you’ve tried nearly every one out there and nothing has worked. You’ve even tried the one your doctor provided, and while it did provide some relief, it was so bulky and awkward that you found it impossible to wear on a daily basis. You’ve purchased some at the drug store and others online. You probably have graveyard of rejected braces piled deep in your closet.

The good news is… there is one you probably haven’t tried (or else you wouldn’t be reading this).

This is the last knee strap you’ll ever need: The Abco Tech Patella Knee Strap

What makes it so great?

Well, this miracle product has already helped thousands of knee-pain sufferers get back to what life was like before knee pain.

Abco Tech Patella strap devotees come in all shapes and sizes. The one thing they have in common is that they swear by this strap.

This strap lets you get back to being the person you want to be.


Hiking and backpacking buffs remark that the strap holds up even as they push themselves through long hikes.

Runners say this strap means they don’t have tons of knee pain after a run.

Players on sports teams rely on this strap to help them get into the game without worrying about their knee giving out.

But the Abco Tech Patella Strap goes even further than that. It’s not just for intense physical activity.

This is also the strap for everyday use and getting stuff done.

With knee pain, things as simple as bending down to clean can become difficult if not impossible. Wearing this strap means cleaning the bathroom is no longer a daunting task.

Stairs are no longer an insurmountable foe. You’ll be able to walk up and down, no big deal, without even thinking about it.

You’ll get back to enjoying working in the yard like you used to with the help of this strap.

It really is great for both high and low intensity activities, making it the best everyday strap you can own. Plus, it stays in place and won’t slide around on you like so many other braces you’ve probably tried.

Buy one now and try it for yourself for pain relief you’ll feel as soon as you put it on.

Still need some convincing?

That’s understandable.

You’ve been promised relief before and it just has not panned out. So you’re reluctant to let yourself think “this time, it’ll be different”.

But here’s the thing: Over 2000 people already use and trust the Abco Tech Patella Strap.

In fact, many people own more than one strap so they can swap a clean one in every day. Some people have as many as 5!

Here’s what some of real wearers had to say in their reviews:

“I cannot say enough about these straps! They have changed my life!”

“I have tried a billion different braces, but most of them were bulky and uncomfortable! Now this baby right here is the bee’s knees”

“I was always skeptical about knee braces and especially this weird looking band…I can tell you after one run it was totally worth it!”

“My old knee rig wasn't helping anymore so I found and ordered this strap style brace. THANK GOODNESS!! This has made a real difference and has given me back my ability to hike as frequently as I can”

And there are plenty more reviews where those came from.

It’s the comfort and support you’ve been looking for in one convenient strap.

The thing about most braces and straps is that comfort and support seem like entirely different conversations. But the Abco Tech Patella Strap is comfortable enough to wear all day AND supportive enough to make you feel confident in whatever you’re doing. Because it’s compact, it won’t get in the way.

You might even forget you have it on.

This strap is easily adjustable, so it’s super easy to put on and it fits over your clothes. No more choosing an outfit based on what will “go with” your knee brace.

The Abco Tech Patella Strap works for all different types of knee issues: meniscus and ACL issues, arthritis, tendonitis, jumper’s knee, and general knee pain.

And it’s not even just your knees that will feel relief. You might just see your entire life improve before your eyes.

When your knee is in pain, you end up putting more pressure on other parts of your body, like your back. When you solve the knee pain with the Abco Tech Patella Strap, you’ll notice more than just your knee feeling better.

Plus, you’ll sleep better. When you’re active during the day, you’ve probably had trouble sleeping that night because of the knee pain. With this strap, that changes.

And without the knee pain to hold you back, you’ll be a happier person more willing to get out there in the world and be your best you.

Stop living with knee pain and start living the life YOU deserve.